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Display stand with 24 products.

  • Display content: 2 of each product 24 pcs x1
    When you buy 1 pre-packed table display (2 x 12 products) you get 25% off all products included (the price you see is discounted) and a box of 17 D3 drops of 30 ml (which can be submitted as free samples to consumer who trade). Brochures and manual included.

    The products are herbaceous, natural, vegan, cold-pressed or raw and gluten-free. They are based on organic raw materials and have no additives, artificial substances, stabilizers or dyes. This is a dietary supplement in its absolutely natural form!

    The display contains:

    2 x Bioflavonoids
    2 x Magnesium - Zinc - Selenium
    2 x multivitamin drops
    2 x multivitamins kids
    2 x Omega Fito
    2 x Q10 Koenzyme
    2 x Iron Drops
    2 x Vitality Max
    2 x Cranberries
    2 x Grapefruit kernel extract
    2 x Vitamin D3 drops
    2 x Vitamin B12 drops

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